chris morris all ovah

warp is the music label from sheffield [!], that can do no wrong. their newest addition, warp films, has recently put out their first dvd: a short movie by chris morris named my wrongs #8245-8249 &117. and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.
in fact quite the opposite! it totally works! the short movie is great and it’s story wonderfully twisted. the osymyso/cartel audiovisual remix is absolutely brilliant. the graphix of the package and dvd interface – done by designers rebublic – are outstanding.

i am totally exited, because the implications of this are just so groundbreaking.
think of it: a music label can now quite easily put out a short movie of such supreme quality.
with the technical advances of computers in recent years almost anybody can now get a hold of the necessary software and hardware to produce a movie.
what is needed, however, are new distribution channels away from hollywood and the filmindustry.
and in that sense it feels like warp has done a brave step into the right direction.
no wrongs there at all, lads!

also on warp: blue jam by chris morris [2000].
chris morris hilarious and sometimes upsetting sketches from his blue jam show set to fine electronic music.

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