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v.a.: england's dreaming - trikont CD-0325various artists: how to kill the dj [part 2] mixed by opt1mo – tigersushi TSKTCD-001

it all happened at the worst moment. when i was at a newsagent. of all places.
i was listening to the cd, the one this is all about, on my headphones while leafing through the magazine racks, looking – in vain – for the latest issue of de:bug. that’s when it came on, right there, surrounded by angry commuters hustling through the train station here in bern. that’s when the dj dropped grauzone’s eisbär into the mix. with a vengeance. that’s when i could barely contain myself. that’s when i had a terrible time trying to control myself not to start dancing right then and there. but things got even harder when the famous stephan eicher guitar solo came on. that’s when, honest to gawd, i wanted to drop to my knees and deliver an airguitar solo like you’ve never ever seen one. the mix now had chromeo’s “destination overdrive” and medium medium’s “hungry so angry” underneath it. it so bloody rocked that i wanted to scream. i needed to get myself out of the train station quickly, to find a more discreet corner to release my joy. the wees and the woos that had been building up while listening to this excellent, whatamisayin?, outrageous dj-mix.

how to kill the dj [part 2] was mixed by optimo, a dj collective from schottland [who have gone fishing, at least thats what it says on their website]. in schottland they are running the club night under the same name, optimo, and no, i’ve never been. but if i ever hit schottland – and i agree, why would i? – i certainly would go. anyone who can seamlessly integrate soft cells “sex dwarf”, the stanglers “nice and sleazy”, then some akufen, carl craig, bits of electro, old funk, clickhouse, techno, even – gawd forbid – some trance, and then take it back to gang of four and grauzone, deserves all my respect. the mix is truely great technically speaking, dj-tech wise, just a few times some of the harmonies are hard to take.

how to kill the dj [part 2] is also a double cd. and while the optimo mix on cd 1 is all out exstatic, the espacio mix on cd 2 contains more chilled out numbers, in what the dj’s describe as “an unmixed collection of music that we play at the start of the night and a few songs that have become Optimo classics that we wanted to present in their complete form”. a really nice collection of mellow songs, again from a wide range of styles. some bluegrass, some blues, folksy stuff, guitar rock, electronica, some funk – it’s all there. my favorite track here is by the balanescu quintett playing kraftwerk’s “the model”. dude!

the tracklists: optimo MIX CD 1

1) intro / funkadelic – wars of armageddon
2) laibach – decree beat
3) john carpenter – the end
4) hiltmeyer inc. – narkotik!
5) hashim – rocking the planet (beat)
6) miroslav vitous – new york city
7) soft cell – sex dwarf
8) carl craig – demented drums
9) luciano and quenem – orange mistake
10) basic channel – phylyps track 2
11) crash course in science – flying turns
12) revolting cocks – on fire
13) depeche mode – dead of the night (electronicat remix)
14) quarks – i walk (superpitcher schaffel mix)
15) liaisons dangereuses – los ninos del parque
16) the cramps – new kind of kick
17) harco pront – night
18) cls – can u feel it
19) gang of four – damaged goods
20) langley schools music project – good vibrations
21) the junkyard band – the word
22) the stranglers – nice n’ sleazy
23) pablo – cissy strut / os mutantes – a minha menina
24) banbarra – shack up
25) joubert singers – stand on the word (larry levan remix)
26) 20th century steel band – heaven and hell
27) the rapture – out of the races
28) cameo – money (reese revamp) / crackhaus – blow brotha blow
29) pj pooterhoots – barf
30) black devil disco club – timing, forget the timing / akufen – whorehouse new process
31) loose joints – is it all over my face?
32) grauzone – eisbar
33) chromeo – destination overdrive (dfa dub) / medium medium – hungry so angry
34) modettes – white mice
35) akufen – quebec nightclub / monte cazazza – sex is no emergency
36) nurse with wound – two shaves and a shine
37) blondie – atomic
38) ricardo villalobos – easy lee / art of noise – moments in love
39) ricardo villalobos – dexter / suicide – dream baby dream
40) ricardo villalobos – dexter / truffle club – autoconform
41) optimo (espacio) end of the night choir – one more tune
42) love – everybody’s got to live

espacio UNMIXED CD 2

1) angelo badalamenti – mullholland drive theme
2) arthur russell – another thought
3) the balanescu quartet – the model
4) lee hazelwood and nancy sinatra – some velvet morning
5) nouvelle vague – guns of brixton
6) big ned – final steps
7) sun city girls – opium den
8) andre williams – bacon fat
9) hasil adkins – chicken walk
10) the monks – i hate you
11) os mutantes – a minha menina
12) the meters – the handclapping song
13) 20th century steel band – heaven and hell
14) the flirtations – nothing but a heartache
15) bush tetras – snakes crawl
16) modettes – white mice
17) the creepers – baby’s on fire
18) the only ones – another girl another planet

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