music’s future, online & digital

since tuesday this week the US supreme court is ruling the mgm vs. grokster case [all the info @ copyfight or telepolis – in german], which will keep us holding our breath over the next few months. meanwhile others keep pointing out the inevitability of the cultural shifts facilitated through developments in digital media.

:flash: march 16th npr hosted a conversation between chris anderson, editor-in-chief, wired magazine, matthew perpetua, mp3 blogger; editor and curator, and tim quirk, general manager, real network’s rhapsody, titled music’s future, online & digital. “iTunes offers even the most obscure songs. Podcasting can turn anyone into a DJ. And mash-ups allow do-it-yourself record producers to rewrite musical history. We explore the future of music.”

:flash: the revenge of sapir-whorf: alan wexelblat presents a nice sum up of the various studies that have shown that p2p is not hurting music industry. “[E]very study that has been done since Napster has shown that music sharing has no negative effects on music sales (CD or downloaded). In fact, some show a positive effect.”.

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