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worstpress debacle corner:

:flash: WordPress Banned by Google for Spamming – slashdot

:flash: Blog star ‘fesses up to payola spam scam – the register

:flash: WordPress Under Fire for Search-Engine Spamming – eweek

:flash: SCANDAL!!! WordPress caught with Spam and Hot Nacho! Blogosphere Cheesed! – metafilter

:flash: WordPress stuns supporters with unexpected fund raising practices – arstechnica

:flash: a response to the noise – photomatt. basically its matt mullenweg saying i am sorry very briefly and then trying to re-administer to his image as a open source crusader. i still can’t believe how casually most people seem to be taking this.

[all via waxy]

big brother corner:

:flash: Was sagen Sie jetzt? – article [in german] about Onyx, the swiss echelon-style surveillance programme, that almost manages to outdo its american equivalent… [thanx klav]

:flash: fbi investigation info – a server hosting anarchist websites was forced by the fbi to give up ip info on two of the hosted projects. here’s the “press release”. [via waxy links]

whacky music corner:

:flash: jack lux to the rescue – this may or may not be an actual kid singing on the toilet. [via al4ie whos rss feed needs fixing!]

:flash: Chenard Walcker – Hands – i love illbient, i like leftfield mashups, i dig cut&paste weirdos, but this is almost too hard to take. and for that i highly respect it… go figure [via]

:flash: Belgium brothers have bags of enthusiasm – an interview with soulwax/2 many djs who’s “as heard on radio soulwax part 2” mix is still the best mashup mix i ever heard. [via beatmixed]

:flash: do ya & untitled – 2 unreleased M.I.A. tracks @ swissies/germans: great article about M.I.A. in the latest de:bug.

stränge cörner:

:flash: manson family photos – eerie [via ultimate insult]

:flash: still lovers – photos of people with a live doll in real life situations [via hmm…]

:flash: terry schiavo’s blog – mildly funny [via 4rthur]

this could work corner:

:flash: Neues Lizenzierungssystem für preiswerteren Musik- und Filmgenuss – article [in german] about a new per-usage licensing/payment system for movies and music.

:flash: ten ways to beat the system – must try these…

question of the week:

why is everybody so upset about the pope croaking? i say, finally. and now lets hope, that the next pope is not an old school criminal, who endorses the spread of aids and bans homosexuals. so lets celebrate, finally there’s hope…


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