WorstPress – is it time for a fork?

the longer i think about what matt mullenberg did with these hot nacho articles at wp.org the more upset i get about it.
how dare he?
no, i can’t be causual about this. i feel betrayed. i liked WP because it was open source and donation driven, because it had a great support community, because the code was/is excellent.

this brings back some very unpleasant memories. i am reminded of how matt did his almost “unfriendly takeover” of the great b2 blog-software from michael v. back when he started WP.
he then proceeded to do a great job developing it further and after some initial reservations i ended up chosing WP instead of the other forks.

since then i have been quite a supporter of WP – in many different ways.
i have donated $200.00 which is certainly more money than i have spent on software in the last 5 years taken all together, [gosh – i want that money back! i feel i have fallen to a false pretense, i donated money to donation-driven project, not a search engine spammer] and i have recommended it to many people and assisted quite a few in setting up, even switch to, a WP-blog.
and now this…

so, is it time to start a WP fork?
because the code IS great, its got huge potential.
i know that my trust in matt mullenweg is broken for good.
and maybe a few others feel the same way. maybe it is time to start that fork – with all the complicated issues that such an action envolves. what do you think?

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