zero tolerance on streetart in bern

casablanca bern

we swiss sure like it clean, omg. today in bern starts the initiative casablanca, a collaboration between the city government, house owners, an issurance company and various other organisations, with the goal to clean the whole inner city of any street art and graffiti in one big first effort and from then to clean any new works within 48 hours.
this is inspired by the scandinavian zero tolerance strategy towards street art and graffiti.
the goal to have 75% of home owners participate was however not reached.

sounds like a major turfwar is about to start in bern. people selling spraycans should stock up. major.
or how did they express it @ bernergazette? spray it again, sam…?

the graffiti artists have already started…

casablanca graffiti in bern switzerland – the project website [in german]
[hmm interesting. the website was realised by a company called bexa from burgdorf.]
bern, casablanca – aktion startet am montag – article [in german] ebund.

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