a few seemingly unrelated questions

is anybody really surprised that people start to illegally download movies when you keep reading what some of the movie stars are doing with their $25 mio. wages?
this question comes up after reading an interview with john travolta [in das magazin – not online sadly] during which he mostly brags that he owns his own airport with its own tower, its own 2 mile runway, etc etc. [the airport requires 8 full-time employees to run], just so he can fly one of his private airplanes to the scientology hq in clearwater…
oh, and his son’s name is jett – with 2 t’s only because his wife insisted.
he wanted it to be jet.

how can a serious journalist write a 2 page review/rave about the tv series 24, without even once mentioning the manipulative, paranoid, the-whole-world-is-full-of-terrorists fox network worldview that underlies the whole plot?
as read in andreas kunz: der bewehrte man – was ‘sex and the city’ für sie war, ist ’24’ für ihn. dank bundesagent jack bauer haben männer wieder ein rollenvorbild.
maybe he can pull it off, because he can quote nobelprize winner selfriede jelinek, who not only admits that she does, but says, watching 24 is like “permanent fucking without ever reaching climax”.
now, whether that is a good thing or not, would be my next question.

and speaking of which:

can you tell me how giraffes fuck? is it from behind, or how do they do it?
giraffe this was the first thing my lovely wife franziska aka monkeypunk asked me this morning [oh wait, it’s already past midnight, so i guess this was yesterday morning].
he he.
apparently in her dream we were both giraffes. don’t ask me…

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