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it took me awhile to realise that leftist football has another icon, the AS Livorno – apparently livorno is the orginal leftist city in italy, the kpi [italian communist party] was founded here, and the supporters are equally as radical with, these days, a strong basis in anti-globalist politics, singing the internationale as their club anthem. and this season they play in the serie A, the top league in italy.

here’s a question: which offense will get you a higher penalty in berlusconi dominated italian football:

claiming that your club is getting relegated because of its leftist fanbase [christiano luccarelli, AS Livorno] or nazi saluting the oposing as roma fans [di canio, lazio roma]?

you guessed it, lucarelli was finded 30000 euro while di canio got away with 10’000…
[via weltwoche – article not available online]

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