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[stuff what got stuck in me browsertabs this last week or so]


:flash: EarthCore – a podcast novel – the blogged novel is last years hype. now they get podcasted. [via bb]

:flash: Adding a View Source Menu item to Macromedia Flash Content – after hearing larry lessig speak this guy mark chambers wrote a manual for flash developers on how to make their code source available.


:flash: McGangsta – remember the story of how McD tried to convince rappers to name-drop the brand in their tracks? well, here’s a result. hah! [via 4rthur]

:flash: abbie hoffman: wake up america – “steal this cd” [via bb]

:flash: dj format video – dj format with the next excellent video [via 4rthur]

:flash: – another board for mashups. i quite like: Sex Pistols vs Madonna – Ray Of Gob (Go Home Productions)

:flash: – mp3 shop geared towards djs.


:flash: london calling – english elections flash animation. [via 4rthur]

:flash: – lets people express why they won’t participate in the english elections.

:flash: – helps you find alternative place to get coffee to avoid starbucks. [via stay free!]


:flash: google & firefox == evil & annoying – is there a sneaky cookie scam envolving google & firefox going on? [via joi ito]

:flash: howto blog anonymously – the EFF guide to anonymous blogging. smart. [via bb]

:flash: bloggers pitch fits over glitches – whats wrong with blogger? [via bb]

odd pope stuff:

:flash: – you too can apply to be the next pope.

:flash: luci’s stigmata – luci blogs on how he’s had a stigmata and an ongoing erection since easter and why this should make him the next pope…

:flash: internetpopesimulator – weeee [via 4rthur]

and then for a real treat:

:flash: missie w. fishface – not at all fishy!

[please excuse but my vias are pretty screwed up this week…]


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