– belinda bedekovic

:flash:we may [or may not] have a small argument.
we disagree if the revolution will be blogged or vlogged…

if this is a “serious” argument remains to be seen, at any rate this guy sent me an email saying, i was wrong, and that the revolution will get vlogged not blogged.
in reference to my title tag.
up above.

but then, he was very kind.

or is it a she?
at any rate, and to cut a long story short, is a very cool swiss vlogger from east of here – way east of here, me thinks, but then again what do i know…

:flash: and speaking of video, awful this time: you must check this out!
belinda bedekovic – the gal can sure hold a tone on her – uhm, what is that instrument called again? – electronic balalaika. its a huge file but soooo worth it.
holy mackarel. *still holding my ears* [via de:bug newslist]

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