creativearchive launches today

oh, another of those i-wish-i-was-a-brit days.
and no, this is not about chealski reaching the semi-finals of the champions league…

but today launches the creativearchive by the bbc, their whole archive released in digital form under a custom-made CC license made available to the public for remixing, splicing, mashing and more.
well to the british public, anyway… hence i-wish-i-was-a-brit day.

so lets bookmark:
and then try to hack it, so even non-brits can start to download the goods…

and all tv stations should do this quick. or be left behind! way to go!
paula le dieu, who i had the great pleasure of meeting in linz last year, and who was project manager of creativearchive, is, of course, dieu! did i hear a big ufff from you?

guardian article [via al4ie]

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