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[stuff what got stuck in me browsertabs this last week or so]


:flash: FemDefence – this gave my dear partner nightmares, she still shivers with the thought of this, even if it is a spoof [via sis]

:flash: HOWTO place images in webpages using embed tag – nifty [via waxy/links]

:flash: HOWTO backup to gmail – weeee [via sis]

:flash: http in tha house – raps any homepage. here’s in tha house [via waxy/links]


:flash: never copped a feel – jacko’s self defense video. catchy [via 4rthur]

:flash: pixel porn – hump away in a supertottoesque pixelworld [via sis]

:flash: another pixely flash anim – almost as pixely as above. we likee [via 4rthur]


:flash: q-faktor – who might be fronting the bill to webhost this attrocity? [via de:bug newslist]

:flash: se7en redux – the ending of the movie se7en with cuddly stuffed animangs [via 4rthur]

:flash: camillaqueen – teh official hymn, not hymen duh… [via oh you guessed it, huh…]

:flash: nwa: motherfucking straight outta motherfucking compton – explicit lyrics only [via 4rthur]


:flash: swiss blog awards – the official schwitz blah awürg blog

:flash: luci der lude oder total versauter bisexueller co-autor bei – luci will blog pron for money. no empty promise this time [in german] – lieber luci, sei vorsichtig mit pron bloggen und paypal. paypal hat mir letztes jahr wegen diesem harmlosen projekt den account gekillt. yup. und ich kanns nicht mal appealen.


:flash: bloody sunday inquiry – did they not announce we will get the results of the lord whatshisname inquiry in spring 2005, meaning now, and why are they holding back? till after the elections?

:flash: fotos der krieger – german article on soldiers in the iraqi war using flickr

and the rest of the web was shit this week. trust me. sis said so…


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