trying to go legit with software – part 2

18 days ago we ordered me a legit copy of the dj software traktor. this was supposed to be my birthday present. but my birthday has come and gone, but still there is no software in sight. upon ordering it, we had been informed that it would take 5 days for it to be sent to us. last thursday, almost 2 weeks after placing the order, we sent an email inquiring into the whereabouts of the software. our email remained unanswered. so then this afternoon we made a phonecall to native instruments in berlin. when asked why the software was still missing, they blamed their postage service, TNT, saying it could take up to 3 weeks with them. when asked why they announced that it took 5 days, or later 4 – 6 days, on their website, they responded because that was mostly the.
to sum up: trying to go legit with software is turning out to be a huge big bummer and i am starting to wonder, if i should not rather go back to …errr… “finding” it on the web?

edit: the day after, 19 days after ordering it, the software finally got here. now lets see if it works on my old tired computer because it turns out the recommend 1g mhz…

trying to go legit with software – part 1

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