a worm that eats mp3 collections

it seems that there is a worm out there that will delete all mp3’s from an affected pc’s harddisk, whipe out entire mp3 collections.

now, this so sounds like a rumour spread by the music- and filmindustry? yeah, it does huh…
but apparently it’s quite real. heise.de quotes sophos [a producer of anti-virus solutions] and describes that the worm is disguising as a dvd-ripping tool “AnyDVD Crack+Keygen By Razor.exe” on emule and other filesharing networks. [macs are not affected. pheew] luckily W32/Nopir-B is not very widespread as of yet.

i find this somehow very amusing and puzzling at the same time. why would anyone go through the trouble of coding such a virus? what’s going on here? maybe we are dealing with a fan of pope benedict XVI who is quoted saying that “Rock music is a vehicle of anti-religion.”
[via tonspion]

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