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[stuff what got stuck in me browsertabs this last week or so]


:flash: – you can register your bike, if it gets stolen and somebody finds and reports it you will receive an sms within 30 minutes. [almost as cool: SpotScout, receive via sms the location of free parking spots in some major cities] – classify under: truely helpful uses of mobile technology

:flash: my next mobile phon – *lechz* *drool* [via al4ie]

:flash: H(yper)S(onic)S(ound) – must get one of these to subliminallly get rid of my neighor from HELLLLLLLLLL, juss kiddin [via bb]

:flash: 21publish – group blogging, or cooperative publishing, for enterprises, clubs, groups of friends… [via online guardian]

:flash: yagoohoogle – started as a april fools joke but took off like a rocket [via online guardian]

:flash: satsang via sms – only in india [via bb]

:flash: mat brown bbc norwich interviu – mat brown co-founder and übercoder of gets interviewed for bbc norwich.

:flash: WebUser wins gold award – and it’s only the biggest internet mag in the UK, we were informed by an impatient al4ie


:flash: rubber johnny by chris cunnigham – pixelsurgeon review [ with spoilers] of the next soon to be released warp movie

the 2 second chuckle of the weeK:.

:flash: i look like my dog – funny till you notice its a dogfood commercial. outch

musical gemS:.

:flash: Funky16Corners – funk soul classics reviewed with downloads. eg the young holt trio: give it up [via 4rthur]

:flash: mastermix dot org old school bootleg mp3 – yup, just that! [via waxy/links]

:flash: NIN thefanremixes – NIN made their song the hand that feeds available as a garageband file, and here’s the remixin result

learn spanish or die corner

:flash: prohibido contaminar la mente con publicidad – via other michael via olivander

[swiss] tv moment of the weeK:.

swiss tv had the “great” idea to show the inaguration of 43 km transalpine lötschberg tunnel in a 3 hour live transmission. after what seemed like hundreds of deeply moving interviews with monosylabic “mineurs” – no idea how these are called in engrish – [tv presenter: “so how do you feel now that this break through is about to happen?” goofy looking mineur (wearing neon coloured workgear): “great …” tv presenter: “so what are you going to do next?” mineur: “dunno …” etc. etc.], finally the great moment: the symbolic blasting of the last few meters of rock.
however however however…
the first detonation did not break through as planned and while we were enjoying the spectacular images of the detonation in superslowmotion, everybody had to wait for a good half hour, till the dust settled and the poisonous gases evaporated, to even notice this failure.
HYSTERICAL! but i guess you had to be there…

question of the weeK:. why does the smell of my own farts not bother me?


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