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my prayers answereD

:flash: i voted for you because … – i always hoped for some such thing during votes/ and elections. a simple yes or no, a vote for this candidate or the other, is just such limited statement. why i voted the way i did – or why i did not vote at all – is what i would really like to express.
there’s hope that with e-voting this will finally get implemented official like, just watch it unfold.


homoerotic soccer
:flash: i am sure this position has a name even…
[i completly forgot where i found this image i am afraid… sorry! oh wait, it was @ gazzetta dello sport]

:flash: the gays – lots of gays live in switzerland, mostly in the martigny [VS] area. my favorite: Corinne Gay; Pédicure.

:flash: the [now lost] buttplug logo – up until yesterday this site had the most unintentionally funny logo, evar. but i guess they heard about the buzz and replaced it with this underconstruction anim gif. that only leaves one question: what is he hitting? [via k10k]

edit: the fabulous sis has saved the logo in question here. and another crazy equally as horrendous one in this article [in german]


:flash: – intelligent mp3 player that claims it will learn what kind of music you like. hmm, try me, and my ecclectic musical tastes, sucker… [via bb]

:flash: folksonomic zeitgeist – not only has the guardian introduced tags to their blogs, they will also make the code and templates available for the public “soon”, whatever “soon” means. the guardian surely did deserve to win that

:flash: webby – the ususal suspects won, google, boinboing, guardian. but hey, they all truely deserve it.

:flash: – swiss company that enables people to make their own books from their digital photos and prints them for a very reasonable price. too bad its software-based and pc only. could this not work via an online interface?

:flash: oberkampf – php tools that will help to create a custom designed gallery from your flickr feeds. [sounds like a: via waxy/links, no?]


:flash: bzz | no bzz | bzz it better – larry lessig and the cc posse prove that they are willing to listen to the “community” and joi ito respectfully sees it differently.


:flash: ashes and snow – stunning photographic work by canadian photographer gregory colbert on the relationship between mang and animang.

:flash: ashley wood – artist – stunning art, great webdesign. artists, we want more like so! [via k10k]


:flash: il giro zuppinger [patent pending] – in my wiki i wrote down my favorite vegetarian gourmet spots as a tour of milano. its just silly, really…

question of the weeK:

edit: are mrs and miss w. tod angels? you decide: angel 1 [mrs] angel 2 [miss] [me bad gotz it all teh wrong…]


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