karol died last night

with catchy titles like these (karol died, politically erect) i of course was very interested to hear what the new peloton release on corpid sounds like…

Peloton – “Politically Erect EP”
[corpid 005ep]

To describe these three brand new tracks from Peloton you only need four letters: D-A-R-K! For “Karol died last night” he sampled the silence on St. Peters Square during the night Pope John Paul II died. “Manifest” is a ride ride through early 90ies rave sounds while “Move my body” contains samples of two men with gas masks having sex in a New York darkroom.

1. karol died last night
2. manifest # 2
3. move my body

it sounds alright, i guess. the titles were somehow better…
but extra points do go to the idea of recording the silence in rome after karol died!
[via de:bug newslist]

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