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[stuff what got stuck in my browsertabs this last week or so]

swiss cheesE

:flash: switzerland cheese – the website for all those foo$ who think all swiss cheese has holes innit… yeah, you!

:flash: asterix in switzerland – lots of cool swiss cheese and fondue jokes in this volume of asterix, but the real story here is of course that somebody has scanned almost all the asterix comics and made them availale online. even if i prefer to read them in french. [via 4rthur]

naughty cheesE

:flash: bore me rigid – kama sutra positions in a drag&drop flash interface. must be spring, but uhm, why is it called karma sutra? [via 4rthur]

:flash: more kama sutra animated – hotdang!

kama sutra cobra

:flash: erogs – “There are blogs, moblogs, vlogs and even Kellogs. But now, thanks to liberated attitudes and the Japanese language’s lack of an “l,” the latest online fad in this country is erogs, erotic blogs”, and this guy has already dived into the phenomenon. [via]

:flash: motley crew striptease game – allegedly if you hit z an x fast enough the stripper will strip longer than 3 seconds… outch. [via popbitch newsletter]

:flash: rejected “love is …” comics – some are quite funny. some so not. [via 4rthur]

downloadable cheesE

:flash: gustav: we shall overcome | genua – i love it, even if it falls a bit too deep into björk at times. [via de:bug mag]

:flash: barca hymn – can we finally sing it this wknd???? puuuhhllleeaasse? barca campeones! [via zum runden leder]

deep cheesE

:flash: meet the world – icaro doria has worked out what the colours in the flags really represent. [via al4ie]

:flash: 31337 – “celebrating nine years of no content”. dude! thanx for hosting this! [IM’d by sis]

city improvement cheesE

:flash: dalek | undenk | is not magazine – streetartsy artists | wabbits [see bellow] | wall mag [via wooster, de:bug mag etc.]

bunny cheesE

:flash: wabbits – something’s cooking @ pictoplasma…

scoopy cheesE

:flash: my next mac – “Apple Granted Patent for Tablet Mac”, finally my tablet puter, and i will look more and more like spider jerusalem! [via … oh sue me, i forgot]


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