anti-globalist cops, or what?

vermummter bulle gegen schengen
vermummter bulle gegen schengen

june 6 2005 switzerland will vote whether or not to join the schengen/dublin accord. what this mainly means is access to the pan-european electronic computer network system, SIS, a centralised european police database, hence more cops and better state control. so the intelligent left is against it. but for some strange reason the far right is also against it. my guess is it smells to europey to them [as the swiss right wing is very scared to join EU]. prolly. but your guess is as good as mine.

most swiss police departments are, of course, in favor of schengen. but yesterday, in a bizzarre new twist, some mummified cops wearing face masks [to protect their anonymity] spoke out against schengen at a press conference. that worked well! wtf? they must have been working with anti-globalists too much. or sumink. for once the oppressor mimicking the oppressed.

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