want the good or the bad news 1.?

no answer? okay. the bad it is then.

add to the list of potential cellphone dangers the idea that too much usage can age you prematurely. Scientists at Cairo University found the short and micro wave exposure causes damage to human cells — particularly red blood cells and their enzymes. The 15-year study found that, over time, those who work and dwell in areas of high electromagnetic and electric fields suffered affected liver enzymes, glands, muscles, hormone balance, heart and bone marrow, and basically exhibited health problems associated with old age.

[as reported @ endgadget.com]

did you just smash your mobile phone?

me too…

if that depressed you too much here are some goodies [= the good news] to lift your spirits:

:flash: Tone396’s “indie disco” mix – a seriously outrageous dj mix. indie disco? hmmm. had not heard that one yet. crafty! [via beatmixed]

:flash: G Hits Le Marais – a seriously outrageous streetart series. [via wooster]

:flash: iPod breakers – uhm. no. well, yes. apple advert. argh. that daft punk track. uhhh. ok, i like it. damn. [via k10k]

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