pets yes, computer/internet no

the swiss have their priorities … err … straight.
“what should people receiving financial aid (or is it social aid – sozialhilfe) be able to afford?” was the question people were asked in a recent survey.
the answers painted a pretty grim picture.

69% answered yes to “meat twice a week”,
64% to “keeping pets”,
58% to a “newspaper subscription”,
yet only 31% to “mobile phone”,
30% to “computer with internet”,
and only 27% to “organic food”.

i dunno, i thought this says quite alot. so petfood and meateating is okay, but eating healthy ain’t?
classic one-way media yup. interactive digital media nope?

[from a survey published in the swiss newspaper sonntagsblick, but the online version of the article [in german] does not contain the survey]

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