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[stuff what got stuck in my browsertabs this last week or so]


:flash: pet sounds remixed – the seminal beach boys record gets the funky remix treatment. [via downhillbattle]

:flash: simon reynolds: rip it up and start again – new book that looks at what happened after punk, what came out of it. Mutant-Disco No-Wave Punk-Funk. [via de:bug]

:flash: hapland2 – yummm the second part of this excellent point’n’click/puzzle online game. and no, i have not solved it yet. [via 4rthur]

:flash: joi asks if he is becoming boring – me and many others think not. while a few think so…

:flash: – this guy hates dimes with a passion, and i see his points. i mean they do eat babies … [via k10k]

:flash: clown will eat me – if you are one of the people scared of clowns, you should run the other way quickly instead of clicking this link to this flickr group. no really.

:flash: 10 steps to more democratic media – not many new thoughts, but nevertheless a very nicely put together list. if thats an english sentence even… [via]

:flash: hypemachine | wget – today’s blog music | yet another way to stay in touch with newly published mp3s. [via downhillbattle]

:flash: – no, i do not like the new google interface [via waxy/links]

:flash: caution: blowing up a raft can be hazardous – sick video of the week


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