zureich adapted by sunriseits moments like these when i start to feel like the last mohican. everything just gets adapted by big business. and nobody even seems to care.
wohlgrot was a huge squat in the 80’s & 90’s in zürich, switzerland, located right next to train station. one of the defining elements was a big sign saying “zureich”, painted in the same colours as the regular train company signs, which could be seen from the train every time.
[for english speakers: zureich is a clever word play, meaning too rich, and all that had to be done was shift one letter]
i am currently working in zureich [because it is where the money is at…] but uhm, so last wednesday, when i first arrived, i saw above sign from afar, at the same place where the squat used to be located, and i was elated to see it, because i assumed somebody had graffitied it on the wall.
but the next evening, when i took the train home, the train passed close enough to see that actually it was a huge advert for one of the 3 mobile phone companies here in switzerland. their claim: if you use our mobile phone service you’ll save so much money that you’ll be zureich, too rich. duh.
i was as pissed as i was embarassed because i had fully fallen for it…
i was convinced that over the wknd the advert would be … uhm … remixed, taken care of, DESTROYED!!!!1

but not so. it was still there monday.
i really quite hate it when companies adapt “our” symbols in such a way. but i am starting to realise that i am hopelessly out of style with that… ugh.

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