just a quick SF update

this is a report from my friend L. from san francisco usa:

“well as you know the damn war has started.. by my pathetic ignorant country!!
SF was shut down yesterday..
we have demonstrators around the clock..
some of our old and new friends have a created a “black block” who have taken a more aggressive form of demonstrating, sling shots, breaking windows, dragging large objects into the streets..
a cop even had his leg broken yesterday by a guy w/ a metal pipe..
they started to take the bay bridge last night but were thwarted!!
small groups of people divived into roaming cells and shut down 20 intersections all day..
market street was shut down all day..
ok.. I did not hook up with the black block folk carrying Anarchist flags and bashing everything in site..
it is not my thing..
I did not even want to get arrested, but we are so angry and depressed here!!
there were all sort of folks doing unique things for example people did yoga in the streets, some people all threw up at the same time at the federal building, some had blood all over their faces.. some did butoh… and it goes on…
but the really bummer thing is that for months millions of people all over the world have been protesting and our asshole government does not care.
b. and I want to immigrate to canada.. “

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