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[stuff what got stuck in my browsertabs this last week or so]

reinstalling my 'puter


:flash: walder chocolatier neuchatel – my boss, for a few days last week, swears that walder makes a much better chocolate than domori. sounds like a pilgrimage to neuch is in order soon…

:flash: domori new website – speaking of which, domori has re-launched their website. much better! and much more deserving of this excellent product.

:flash: prix ars winners announced – the winners of this years prix ars have been announced last wednesday, and i am sort of klicking through the list totally anti-exited and wondering… what’s going on here?

:flash: chuck palahniuk interview mp3 – i love how he writes. but his voice is odd. as is mine. we should start a club. the odd-voiced club. [via boingboing]

:flash: HOWTO blog anonimously – want to be a blogging whistleblower and not get caught? this HOWTO explains it all.

:flash: comfort fit on tokyodawn – comfort fit has released a great instrumental hip hop album on tokyodawn. unfortunately the website is flash-based and you’ll have to click your way through it. [via de:bug newslist]

:flash: NY Times on simon curtis – pheew, what a story. how a prank can turn into a one-year prison sentence.


:flash: squirrel webzen – nice, but when it comes to squirrels we really should let TEH expert do the job = missie w! [even is she is currently unavailable due to exams, freckled lovers in ireland and such]

:flash: jfk in cats vs. dogs – he he. [via b3ta newsletter]

:flash: pixaboy – okay okay, a very antropomorphic animang this. but its sorta like a tamagochi, you better feed it entertain it pet it, or else it will get VERY annyoing. [via frenzine . blog]

:flash: bumperball – bumperball would be a great game, if the controls were not totally counter-intuitive. like why do i have to press up to make it go left?

the difference betw. mang and animang. or is it the checksum?

:flash: ARSE – [via woo]

:flash: GODS

:flash: ART


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