just one wafer thin [chocolate] mint, mr. creosote?

oral fixation mints

hmmm. for some strange reason these mints look surprisingly like exstasy pills, i wonder…

but the guys [no gals?] @ oral fixation do sell mints. of all things.
and they do it so well, that i just spent a considerable amount of time on their website.
some of their hilariously named flavours have their own interactive microsites with games, videos, music: sugar free tibet [5% of profits go to free tibet organisations], night light. haven’t found one for 7 deadly cinnamon and that one does sound like fun.
or you can play mint tetris. there’s even a blog and you can build your own box of custom-order mints.

i wish they sold chocolate mints as well and that monty python scene could somehow be used… because these guys would.

[via bb]

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