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[stuff what got stuck in my browsertabs this last week or so]


:flash: zinio – paper is bad. its heavy, it’s cumbersome and it has a tendency to accumulate. plus it kills trees.
zinio might be solution – this app, hidden somewhere on my new iMacs installer dvd, lets me look at magazines on my computer. i quite like it. they even built in an animation simulating the turning of the pages. the only problem is that their claim is not true. “your favorite magazines … now digital”. bring me my favorite magazines, the wireds and de:bugs and mojos, and i am an instant subscriber! just imagine. a wired subscription like this and we non-americans could actually get to read the latest issue within a reasonable latency. ah. heaven.

:flash: – me likee. and possible soon.

:flash: Private Impressumspflicht im neuen Telemediengesetz-Entwurf – german blogs might soon have to contain an “impressum” [whats the english word?], disclosing their name, address and everything… [via fcklog]

:flash: may the source be with you – quinn norton has a look at BitTorrent for the guardian. “For now, BitTorrent is both an elegant publishing platform and a piracy dream come true.”

:flash: fair use day 2005 – 37 days left till july 11. = fair use day. [via bb]

:flash: beta – a community directory of progressive media.


:flash: ever wanted to dress up steve jobbs to look like bill gates? – now you can. with this neat flash interface. [via bb]

:flash: BREAKIT – pong meets space invaders. game. HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!

:flash: FREITAG – THE GAME – quite predictably you have to get tarps off of trucks. but hey. its fun.


:flash: the glamned – quite possibly the worst band EVAR [via holy moly newsletter]

:flash: forgetmenotpanties – big brother is watching you – in your panties. fake or not? you decide… [via tp – in german]


:flash: ray cesar: sleeping by day

:flash: dr. d strikes again | and again [via woo]

:flash: pictoplasma on tour 2005 – first they are hitting dusseldorf.


:flash: funnyfox – get fox now. [via urs]

:flash: bad – who’s bad? [via]

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: what is it about os x that enables me to just sit there, mesmerised, not doing much of anything for hours on end?

NEWSLETTER HEADLINE OF THE WEEK: it’s between “Tits like Christmas balloons in February” [holy moly] and “Plastic surgery is 21st Century haute couture. – Karl Lagerfeld.” [popbitch] and i think holy moly is taking this one away, because it just takes you those extra few seconds to get it…



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