noise on – noise off


:flash: this weekend i watched a football game, norway – italy, on RAI without a commentary, because the italian sports journalists were on strike. all you could hear was the crowd cheer, interrupted by the occasional advert. pubblicita per noi. i found this highly amusing. and it was great. it takes watching football to a whole new level. deep. the game itself however was shite.

:flash: last week sometime, somewhere in switzerland, the “hammermurderer” killed his whole family, his two daughters and his wife, before topping himself. he used a hammer to kill his family in their sleep. he then jumped off a 60 meter bridge. turns out he was bothered by the noise around his house. the last line of his suicide note reads: “how much noise does a man have to take?”.

:flash: meanwhile, i am sitting here wondering where the off-switch for the noise is. they are remodeling the house two doors down and the noise is killing me.

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