i had no idea

i just had a conversation with SIS – no not the big-brother-computer, but almost – that left me completely shocked.

in my RSS reader i had noticed how some RSS feeds print images and links, while others don’t. i never really gave this much thought. naive as i was i had always assumed that this had to do with some RSS issue or other, with different standards in blog software, with server limitations or something.
so far i had just grumpily visited the blogs to get my links or see my images … while swearing under my breath.

but little did i know.. because since my conversation with SIS, i know better… and this came as a complete shock, because, i swear, i had no idea about this.

so, it seems that [at least wordpress] bloggers have the possibility to consciously cripple their RSS feeds so images and links will get blocked. in this way they can ensure that people will visit their website via a browser in order to get all the info…

well, to me that’s just sick. and really sad actually. it will make me delete quite a few RSS feeds from my reader…

i mean, who has the time to visit hundreds of blogs a day? thats what’s so great about RSS readers, they save time and let me sift through information really fast and easy. and some people conciously make this impossible, because they esteem their designs to be oh so pretty and therefore visit-worthy?

i don’t think so.

edit: i guess the only acceptable reason for such a thing to me would be bandwidth considerations, because it does save bandwidth to limit RSS. but any and all other reasons are counter-bloggy to me.

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