seamless dj mixes skip as mp3’s

finally… i just received the excellent james hyman quentin tarantino mash-up, excellent grand, fabulous stuff! it is definitely up there with the strictly kev raiding the 20th century mix. and that means alot in my book.

james hyman quentin tarantino mash up

but unfortunately when i listen to the mp3s the mix, that is supposed to be a seamless dj-mix, slightly skips on the transitions. i had noticed this before. when you rip a seamless djmix from cd to mp3 this tends to occur.

i don’t really understand why this is happening. i mean technically. does anyone know why?

i seem to have read somewhere, that it has to do with the mp3 algorythm introducing a slight fade in and fade out at the beginning and end of each track. that’s why when you then play the tracks next to eachother there is a small, yet audible whitespace. but this might just be my wild and unqualified guess. a google search has not given me more information, because, sadly whenever you add “mp3” to a search, all these mp3 scam sites show up.

so does anyone understand why this is happening?

and the most important question would be: how can it be avoided? when ripping cd’s as well as when playing them? any tricks? anyone?

edit: here are a few solutions to this problem. when ripping a seamless djmix either use AAC as compression or use the function “join cd tracks” under “advanced” in iTunes.

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