intel inside – DRM outside

intel inside - idiot outside

i have read about apple switching to intel all week – with very mixed feelings, obviously – but i have not commented on it yet. but i just read a rant over @ cult of mac that makes me break my silencio stampa.

see, what i did not understand was WHY apple would have to switch to intel, if their goal was indeed to get into distributing hollywood movies?

well, it appears that this might have do with DRM. it seems that intel is heavily envolved in creating copy-protection systems and incorporating those into their processors on a hardware level, which needless to say will be very hard if not impossible to crack. sounds scary to me. i am someone, who thinks that already with iPod and iTunes stores apple went almost too far in bending over to the involved industries. their DRM policy is located right there on the cusp to still barely be called fair. but using an intel chip for its copy-protection capabilities would clearly cross that line. so let’s hope this turns out to be just another conspiracy theory.

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