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[stuff what got stuck in my browser tabs this last week]


:flash: stop buying that crazy frog song – don’t download this! the song is utter crap. but hal9000 has the perfect arguments: “STOP BUYING THAT CRAZY FROG SONG! Download it all for free instead! Please!!! then it might drop from our charts and thats a good thing. This is a case in point where piracy will help the sanity of our nation.” i guess, desperate times call for desperate measures… wicked!

:flash: the imperial march scratched – ahhh, impressive scratchage. [via beatmixed]

:flash: nizlopi: JCB – cute song – cute video, if it would load, which at the moment it does not. Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error ‘80040e31’.

:flash: all the beethoven symphonies – for free download. at the BBC. [via plasticbag]

:flash: – for instance: fart [via beatmixed]


:flash: your website is whatever valid – YESSSSSSS! my kinda validation:


:flash: technorati beta – went online, with improvements mostly in usabilty and a redesign. [via joi ito]

:flash: CreativeCommons worldmap – the spread of CC visualised. it is striking how this issue does seem to mostly interest so called western, post-industrial nations. almost all of africa is red = “to be liberated” = surprising choice of words there…

:flash: HOWTO CD remastering – compression for CD remstering explained. very cool. [via beatmixed]

:flash: flickr replacer bookmarklet – highlight some text on a website, click this bookmarklet and it will replace it with a flickr image.


:flash: – “come see today’s youngest, hottest creatives bare all of their tightest work” sounds pornographic? well, it is… we are all prostitutes. youngguns advertising awards. i love the humping bunny up top. [via ??? argh]

:flash: anti-telemarketing counterscript – i can’t wait for the next telemarketer to call, and that has got to be a first, so i can try out this script. [via captain’s log ai ai cap’tn]

:flash: 42 hitchhiker’s games – damn this is fast. yet fun. [via 4rthur]

:flash: boites de mmmhh – naughty moo boxes. [via we make money]

:flash: pulp fiction in 30 sec – enacted by bunnies!!!1 who could ask for more… [via 4rthur]


:flash: BD linkdump – the BD collective’s combined link collection. loads of finds …

:flash: vector-scan – … for instance this guy, the maker of Bitman and many more very cool toys and applications.

:Question of the week:

:flash: Does anyone think there might still be a few Americans who sit around wondering how something like 9/11 could possibly have happened? [this weeks question of the week was knicked from holymoly newsletter]


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