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[stuff what got stuck in my browser tabs this last week or so]


:flash: the european blogosphere – who’s blogging in various european countries. the swiss blogosphere is here. [via]

:flash: map of swiss bloggers – this was started awhile ago after a swiss blogger meet up by chregu/bitflux

:flash: fetish map – as in, and now for something completely different: a map of all the various fetishes out there. [via 4rthur]

:flash: | – lets you search social bookmarks | hailed by some as the next google.


:flash: – this popular public fotolog account got deactivated by the fotolog admins, because someone working in the pornindustry had posted this picture. the good news is, the account is back up. the bad news: the image in question is gone. [via woo]

:flash: when bears growl – first person account by a guy who got a visit from the american secret service (SS) because he had posted photoshopped images of president bush and published them via his blog. should i be scared? [via al4ie]

:flash: stop software patents – online demonstration protesting the pending revision of software patent laws in europe. i wonder if my photo ain’t showing up because i am swiss hence not part of the EU? [via de:bug newsletter]

:flash: the anarchist cookbook disowned – the author of the controversial anarchist cookbook uses amazon to distance himself from its content. interesting on so many levels. [via waxy/links]


:flash: schweizer urheberrecht revision – in german! urs gehrig hat den scoop zur revision des urheberrechtes in der schweiz.

:flash: EFF legal guide to blogging – a much needed overview as more and more bloggers get in trouble for what they post. [via bb]


:flash: delete! – these 2 austrian artists from vienna have somehow managed to convince their city government to cover up all adverts and signs for a whole 2 weeks in a busy downtown shopping area. brilliant! makes you wonder why city governments fight graffiti but not this mess of adverts and signs. [via stay free!]

:flash: “no thank, you have i stopped smoking” – is what she says in this german anti-smoking campaign. if that does not get you, what will? [via b]

:flash: juiced – nothing deep to say about this. kinda funny, if it wasn’t for an xbox/microsoft game. [thanx elgato]


:flash: vagina lady – uhhhhh uhmmm. is kinda not what you think, and kinda is. [via 4rthur]

:flash: pacman turns 25! – damn… somebody should make a version where pacman eats cakes. or blows out candles.

:Question of the week:

why should i keep asking a question of the week if nobody ever bothers to answer one? as a matter of fact, why should i keep blogging at all?


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