the river is ready

i had my first swim in the river Aare [not me on that photo!] here in Bern yesterday.
and for somebody who usually only goes when the temperature approaches 20 °C thats quite early in the year.

badi marzili osX widget

but it was actually not all that heroic because according to the temperature was 19.4 °C @ 16:00 = just around the time we went in. lists it at 15.8 °C, but that is from this morning 4 o’clock, and their statistic tool is sorta hard to read.

at any rate, “she” was [is?] doable, but it still “hurt my genitals” as some student of frau mokeypunk recently expressed what it felt like to be bathing in cold water.

needless to say that today i’ll be checking my osX tiger widget [written by and pulling in the data] to see how the temperature evolves, and maybe – maybe – just maybe go for another swim…

thanx to habi i just found out about yet another website where the temperatures of at least some of the swimming pools in bern can be seen: they pull their data from

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