saved by the internet – yet again

i stopped smoking when i turned 40, that’s more than 3 years ago. sadly yes, i am that old.
not smoking has not been too hard actually, but for some reason yesterday i had a very strong craving for a cigarette after i went swimming in the river. right next to me a woman was sunbathing who smoked the same type of cigarettes that i used to smoke.
i did not give in, but a craving like this usually stays with me like a frozen need.

later that day – and yet again! – the glorious interweb came to my rescue.
for some reason i happened to find all these various animations and videos that did not make smoking look like such a great idea…
hmmm. the internet as healer?

rob draw anim for

celia bullwinkel for


img 1 & 2 via – click the images to see the anims.
img 3 is a screenshot of the film smoke by, where i also found this anim of a sheep smoking and throwing up a bit. click img to dl .wmv

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