6fu fake bittorrent files

what to do if your favorite tv show [6 feet under] has just started its 5th and final season [*sob*], yet you live in switzerland [not to be confused with sweden, but more about that later], where swissgerman television has only recently started to show season 1 [!!!] – yup, you read that right season 1 [!!!!!], and where you can’t subscribe to HBO?

bittorrent comes to mind, but i would of course never… so the answer is patience. 4 years from now even swiss tv will show season 5. there’s a hopeful thought.

as an aside: i can’t believe HBO is not taking advantage of this great technology to distribute/sell their content. i would soooooo pay for 6 feet under. i really would. but hey. they won’t let me.

well, it appears that some very intelligent individuals [and they might also be tribes or conglomerates] have started to seed fake 6 feet under clients, that let people download these huge files to later find out that the .avi’s are fake. won’t work. junk.

very smart that. now that’s really gonna help with internet trafic, that, according to last sundays edition of sonntagszeitung, already gets clogged up by torrents [torrents make up more than 30% of web traffic]. the article in sonntagszeitung not only talked about its genius inventor bram cohen [we are so not worthy!], but also about the swedes [there you go], who run thepiratebay.org and who asked whoever sends these out to please re-send the cease & desist note on softer paper next time, because they are currently out of toilet paper. ha. but i digress.

fake clients. i found some info about this here [hi swedes!] and here’s a peer guardian torrent to download a list of fake seeders [i’ll also post this list later].

well, later is in fact now:

Performance Systems International Inc:
ServerBeach, Peer 1 Network Inc:
Peak Web Hosting:
Abovenet Communications Inc:
ThePlanet.com Internet Services:
Global Crossing:

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