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[stuff what got stuck in my browser tabs this last week or so]

must see/do:

:flash: adbuster’s art fart questions – i am so struggeling with this questionaire. does art have the ability to change the world? hmmm. good answers will get published in their next issue. [also: adbuster RSS feeds]

:flash: MIT blog survey – i took this survey and i am sad to admit, i got “it” bad… [via waxy/links]

:flash: massivley parallel culture – great rant by chris anderson on how strange it is when you realise that certain internet phenomena are not all that well known in the general public. [via joi]

:flash: BxCMS 1.2.0 released – ” It’s free. It’s a CMS, not “just” a blog. It’s based on Open Source technology (you can even download and use the software by yourself). It’s getting better” and its swiss.

:flash: cracking the flag burning amendment – by burning one that looks like the amercian flag yet is slightly different. that simple. [via bb]

:flash: wagenschenke: HangOver – after last year’s hugely succeful game HomeRun (where you had to navigate the drunk guy home) here’s the new one. this time he has a hang over and you have to try to stop the gastric acid.


:flash: bad taste loudblog – a new swiss podcast dedicated to loud bad taste rock’n’roll brought to you by el tiki. “bad music by good friends”. and reverend beatman IS amazing.

:flash: – those weird and wicked video/audio loops still are great, i especially like the newest one: BOW TO YOUR SENSEI!


:flash: tom cruise kills oprah – wanna see the true tom cruise? there’s hope!

:flash: vote fort juanzo – the fabulous tale of how ccc crashed his local papers ‘Baby of the Year’ competition? there’s hope!

:flash: esao andrews portfolio – a flash website that actually works and does not annoy the crap out of me? there’s hope!

beyond hope:

:flash: shoes of the fisherman – somebody make the [rot in] [hell] equivalent soon or i think i am going to have to puke.

:flash: the global frequency screenwriter moans – and we join in. why why why did they sack that brilliant series (inspired by the warren ellis comic) after airing the pilot? try to find it on a p2p network near you for 45 minutes of nostalgic sentimental – is the word i was fishing for – tv viewing.

new kids on the blog: [2005 – the year of the thematic blog?]

:flash: liquid culture – a blog dedicated to CC and free culture [via al4ie]

:flash: INKEDblog – a new blog dedicated to tatoos by the wooster collective.

question of the week: what the fuck is the psychology behind it when a man kills his kids (and sometimes his wife) first before topping himself? it seems like, we have one of these weekly now here in switzerland. is there a pattern emerging?

question of the weekend: don’t you just wish you were in glastonbury this wknd? [img via al4ie]

glastonbury washed out


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