the perils of direct democracy….

or: how to explain this strange strange STRANGE swiss mentality?

the swiss political system always gets praise as being one of the best examples of a functioning direct democracy.
this may well be the case – in theory – but then the system itself does not mean much, if the people voting are not up to it.
and lets face it, the swiss have got to be one the most stupid people in the world!
what use is a direct democracy if you give it into the hands of a stupid, xenophobic, narrowminded nation?
consistently the swiss vote for their own confinement, against an opening towards europe, for more and more isolation within their conservative narrow horizon.
its sad.
this weekend switzerland almost said yes to an incredibly xenophobic motion brought forth by the ultraconservative rightwing party svp. 50.1 % no-votes made the tragically small difference.
or: a few months ago the swiss voters were given a chance to say yes to the 35-hour week!
great! work less! have more fun!
shure thing one would think, yes?
the swiss voted against it! the swiss said: no!
they were given the chance to vote to work less and they voted against it!!!!!!!!!

i think i prefer good old monarchy or even a friendly dictator!
direct democracy my ass, this SUCKS!

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