grokster stuff

oh holy mother of hot damn. [yes, that was my comment re: the grokster ruling (blame brainfog)]

but some people where more eloquent, of course:

xeni jardin on npr

cory doctorow editorial for popular science

This decision won’t kill P2P sharing. Engineering students write P2P software in 11 lines of code as class assignments. Most Internet users use file-sharing software, and that’s not going to stop, no matter how many lawsuits the labels win against customers and companies. P2P will outlast today’s generation of technophobic record execs who are steering their companies to slow, spectacular suicide.

pheew, and who cares about the americans further crippling their economy… hah!

fred von lohman preemptive crib-sheet

and here’s the mp3 of the rulingeff pressconference re:groksterand even a torrent, and thats somehow very cute.

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