iTunes 4.9 w. podcasts

oh goodie, me thinks, but when i try to publish my podcast i notice that

A. somebody has already done it [which is great] and
B. one of the 2 links does not seem to work propper, and i suspect its the wp.rss link, is it?

anybody know what happend here?
who published it? why did the wp-rss link not work?
i would like to edit the title and the description, but i can’t seem to do that…
how can i switch the image? i would like this one to go in there…
how can i switch the category? but probably audio blog is all there is.. comedy? hmm
i would like the author to be a link to my contact page.
what to do to make the wp-rss link work?
will i get in trouble now for not paying royalties?
who pays my ticket to brasil?


okay. so i got it all wrong. it appears that iTunes picks up the rss feed as is, plus they have introduced a few iTunes specific tags that will display an image, author info and all that junk.
another problem seems to be that iTunes ignores my category specific rss-feed.

in other words, it can pick up:
but it ignores:

so right now, i am attempting to make an iTunes specific rss feed, i’ll call it wp-rss2istunes.php, that will have all the iTunes specific tags and will only pick up the pieceocast category. i found kevin devin’s instructions @ podcasting yahoo group on how to adapt all the rss file. but i still have to figure out how to limit it to just pick up that one category. i am not sure if that will work. keep you posted…

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