laundry day should be tax-deductable

first separating the laundry into heaps of whitish smelly sox and other heaps of blackish smelly sox and panties, untill you have in front of you mountains of smelly stuff.
then lifting up a first smelly basket, stumbling with it down the stairs, trying to hold your nose outta the way, if that is at all possible, which it never is! so you take a walk in smell.
next the soap-disaster. soap smell giving you an allergic attack. soap is ugly, made of bones. u hate soap. but smell is just a bit worse.
then timing the whole thing right as you don’t wanna come back down to the machine to find that some neighbor with greasy smelly hands dumped yer load, fortunately not his load, back out into the smelly basket.
and still to come: hanging all this wet, cold, lumpy stuff on the clothlines, separating [again!] sox and panties. pulling out sleeves that somehow got tangeled inside. opening knots.
hours of my valuable life are wasted with doing laundry. it happens every other week and it never gets better.

laundry is bad.
and i mean bad bad, not michael jackson good bad.
bad! please make it go away, please?

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