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odd and or shocking news

:flash: should female tennis players stop grunting? – absolutely not! but seems to agree and says, and i quote: “Maria Sharapova’s absurd, violent grunting sounded like someone was trying to pull a bowling ball out of her ass.” oh? i can instantly think of many and much more sexy metaphors when thinking about maria grunting.

:flash: kid gets electrocuted by lightning while playing his ps2 – foster’s online titles: “Lightning teaches Middleton teen a valuable lesson”. hmmm, the journalist who came up with that headline should REALLY be made to read, every thing bad is good for you. [via bb]

:flash: uk indymedia servers seized – again??? luckily they now have mirrors in usbekistan.

rants liberations

:flash: douglas rushkoff anti-guru rant – with some of this i very much agree, but some of it is on the verge to the cynical. such a fine line. see also:

:flash: make fuck not war – liberated billboard in manhattan [via woo]

:flash: delete! taggeddelete! – remember? the project covering up all signs and adverts yellow for a week in downtown vienna – provoked some humerous grafs. [via woo]


:flash: saul williams: black stacy video – this link will attempt to open windows media player, but let it. the video to the strongest song on saul williams’ latest album is well worth it.

:flash: a million ways – a group of guys dancing like there was no tomorrow. that fatboy slim video and the san dance company come to mind. but quite funny nevertheless. [via raymi]

new kids on the blog

:flash: i hate horses – this guy like really really REALLY hates horses. so it’s not like you have not been warned. rude language. very funny. my favorite blog entry: nice shoes, asshole. [via waxy]

:flash: – by no means a new blog, but i only just discovered it, hence more like “new kid on my blog”. and absoultely one of THE best mp3blogs out there. dl those fug mp3’s! R.F.O. | cheval noir

online oddities

:flash: jean jacques perry website – the seminal electronic musician, who released EVA and moog indigo in the 60’s[!] ind you, has a website and this animated gif is just priceless. there is also a rather funky music interface that lets you play some .ram files of his music.

:flash: the strangest german websites of the year – remember [don’t click this link, habi, resist the temptation!]? well, he made 2nd place. along with, the psychiatric clinic for abused stuff animals [another fine animGif here …errr.. whats seems to be going on?]. but 1st place was taken away by a handball player who everybody calls “pommes” which means french fries…

:flash: bizarre album covers galore | erotic album covers – this week we had an album cover meme. [via bb | 4rthur]

:flash: open source beer – i still have my bottle of open source water and i prefer water to beer, but hey… [via we make money]

:flash: darth vader fetish – no really, i kid you not… [via 4rthur]

:flash: candy g-string – no really, i kid you not… [they also sell a candy bra]

:flash: rock jack: somebody get me a doctor – rock jack, the 3 year old heavy metal singer, is back with this excellent van hallen cover [via waxy]

:flash: oh what the hell, here are those 2 animgif’s i just mentioned:

kroko getting stuffed
© jean jacques perry


:flash: – yeah, yeah, we blogged about something similar here. and oh well, as it turns out there’s an osx app out there already to make those clickwheel movies for iPod photo…

question of the week:

masturbatory dj’s, who simply don’t get it; obnoxious, sweaty drunk guys, who rub up against you; unbreathable air, because of too much smoke; the music so loud it gives you a headache… and i could go on.
is it just me or has clubbing really just gone unbearable?
[and i went to see M.I.A. which had to be TEH bestest gig to re-introduce myself to the nightlife…]



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