lord, please help me not to take the piss

live8 is ok. i guess.
it seems like, it will take only a few other goes for bob geldof to manage to save the world. so no jokes from me there. and now, lets all gather for a group hug!

danny wallace, from the yes men, managed to sneak into the VIP area in london and live-blogged his adventures quite humorously here.

but then this morning i received a link suggestion that really puts me in a bind.
this project stimulates my most destructive and sarcastic sense of humor, yet i really really REALLY [lord please help me] don’t want to diss this. because the guy prolly means well. i guess. maybe he does just try to get rich fast. but anyway, that’s just speculation. and i said i wouldn’t.

so without further comment i present you:

kid to be saved

god bless the world [not just america] by greg jones, a song that was “Recorded on the same mixing board used by Quincy Jones [ed.: unrelated. or?] for the ‘We Are The World’ Classic!”, mind you.

and, please, try not to laugh…

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