plucking a book

i started reading cory doctorow‘s new book on my clie and i love it. both. the book and the reading on clie. i use plucker to make the html version of someone comes to town, someone leaves town readable on palm. it’s a totally different reading experience, i scroll text, i set bookmarks, i can read in the dark with the backlit screen in that way not having to wake up my sleeping love next to me. i still like books; the haptic stuff, turning the pages, having a feel for where in the book i stand. plucker does this by givng you a percentage… i am 5% through the book now. that’s not very sexy. and the other thing that is a bummer: batteries, as in i can’t read when the batteries are down. but other than that: woo.
can’t say much about the book yet. only 5% through. but hooked already. so that’s a good sign, innit?

cory\'s novel on clie

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