tailor-made condoms

lucy will help you

mysize.ch is a flash website that lets users find out which condom brand would fit their anatomy perfectly [in german, french and italian]. after inputting length and circumference of the dick in question [in centimeters] and choosing a favorite condom shape [3 variants] the application will skim through a database to come up with a recommendation.

the only problem is i always come up with a no show [so, yes i did measure… actually, we did *rrrrr*].
“we are sorry but we did not find a condom your size”.

am i simply too huge?
ha ha hardly!
or what is going on here… ugh.

btw. some of the condom brandnames are slightly strange:

ceylor retard [uhm, as in only retards wear condoms?]
cosano regular [who in their right mind would ever go for “regular” when it comes to sex?]
durex love [perfect for that tough love]
manix infini [this one is such thick rubber you cannot ever cum – for infinite humping]

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