photo of people stuck in london tube

london tube photo
[via al4ie, image taken by Adam Stacey]

my deepest solidarity goes out to the people in london.

edit: despite the tragic circumstances, this image could actually become a practical schoolbook example of creative commons camphone image posting.

alfie says “insane – ive had calls from ap, the bbc, sky, london school of economics, newspapers in canada, the states, insane amount of contacts”. at some point both sky news and bbc had it on their front pages. the reference was done exactly as stated in the CC license. read more in the comment string of the image post on alfie’s moblog.

more and more images stemming from mobilephone cams will start to make the news. scoopt is actually a website that anticipates such developements. asking in its claim “Who will take tomorrow’s front page photograph – a professional press photographer or a passer-by armed with a cameraphone?”.

the images has had almost 23’000 views in less than one day, surprisingly the image is only 2nd in the all time most viewed list @

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