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[stuff what got stuck in my browser tabs this last week or so]


:flash: wikinews on the london attacks – a first time for me that wikipedia/news has been THE major player as a news source.

:flash: official LONDON BOMBING quote post – apparently it did not take long for some londoners to find their mythic sense of humor back.

:flash: tubes really are cunts. so are terrorists. and tony blair – very strong first person account of the attacks. [both via alfie]


:flash: murder over iPod – apparently these overrated gadgets even lead to murder…

:flash: joseph edward duncan III blog – the convicted child molester’s blog is still up. creepy. [via waxy/links]

:flash: EU ditches software patent bill – and even we in switzerland let out a great ooofff of relief.


:flash: antonio riello’s ladies guns – this is somehow amazing, but then when you think about it also a little bit confusing. why would lady guns have to wear nail polish? [via gebsn]

:flash: virus – a truely amazing and very artistic puzzle game – despite the horrible IE icon on the starting screen, that you have to click to get in, as far as i know… [via 4rthur]

:flash: mahjong exhibit bern switzerland – downloadable photos from the great mahjong exhibit of chinese art in bern, switzerland, the biggest exhibit of exclusively chinese art in europe, of which i will blog some images soon, once my preoccupation with london passes a little.

:flash: hundreds of nekkid people on a beach – looking like sardines sunbathing. [via bb]

:flash: fledermäuse im bauch – tom gerber, brother of the allmighty missie w., which in and of itself is reference enough, has put all his shorts as well as his chefs d’oeuvre online. megasupaultra.


:flash: podcast feedcheck – lets you check, not validate, those itunes specific tags. finally. i might get my rss to work then?

:flash: staccato podcast – featuring an interview w. cory doctorow and all CC licensed music.

:flash: William Gibson: God’s Little Toys – gibson rant that puts remix/masup culture into a historical perspective.


:flash: indian boy flying – what a lovely photo. you simply want to see the splash. [via de:bug newsgroup]

:flash: fingathing tetris – fingathing – one of my favorite bands!!!! – has released a great tetris version in their usual wrestling meets hiphop aesthetic. you can also vote which tshirt design should now be released on A2 canvas here.


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