what a strange life since 7/7

– a few hours after the bombings i started up the getaway: black monday on my PS2 and drove to all the bombed tube stations in free roaming mode, to look around. btw. i did find aldgate tube station.

– the next day and the day after i spent optimizing and uploading 100’s of photos to werenotafraid.com, and today does not look any different. meanwhile, while i was still wondering how to emotionally deal with the racists and nationalist stuff that got submitted to this open platform, another guy envolved in the project went ahead and deleted 30 posts i had blogged earlier without asking me. wtf?

– last night @ 4.30 am local time i received a phonecall from a friend urging me to get up and check online, if in fact birmingham got atacked the evening before. it did. but uhm does that justify waking me up for that?

EDIT: or: one should not blog when grumpy… it’s all good. strange, but good.

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