werenotafraid.com – or are we now?

actually, we were not afraid – until the media started to hound us…

well not us, alfie!

alfie on tv

the poor guy yesterday had to do live interviews on all the major news networks, the skys, cnns, bbcs, you name it, and literally had to chase from studio to studio.

a friend of his did a small microsite hosting 2 videos of these tv appearances here.

meanwhile the site in question was down, because it had accumulated 259 GB of data transfer in 3 days. somewhere else i read, and for the life of me i can’t remember where in the masses of information i have processed this was, that this last weekend wernotafraid.com has been the most clicked website worldwide. [where can you see such a thing?]
the hosting deal simply was not good enough for that. at some point on monday morning alfie owed tons of money and the service was suspended.

later a static version [placeholder] of the website went back up, pheew, the debt was generously waived, woo 1and1! and today we need to figure out how to proceed. we still have hundreds of photos ready to upload and the email account is floaded with almost 1800 unprocessed contributions.

the contributions floading in from all around the world have been extremly moving. sometimes though also quite difficult to deal with, because of the aggressive nationalist and patriotic sentiments expressed. people seem to hear “we’re not afraid, bring them on” while alfie definitely meant to say “we’re not afraid AND we believe in peace”. fear needs to be dealt with, and in that sense all this is good.

how did i get envolved in all this? to be honest, i do not have a clue. its something to do with getting up a little early on friday morning, starting up icq, alfie still up from the night before telling me about this – and its been non-stop ever since.
but tell you what, it is extremly interesting to see how such a thing explodes, mad. and once the media wants you, you’re in the eye of the storm. mad. said that before. but we will have learned so much… once we will find a minute to process it all.

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