sponsor my chips, please

yesterday i went to see Young Boys – FC Basel.
great game.
young boys lost, so that was sad.
but what really pissed me off is the exsessive mentioning of sponsors in all imaginable situations.
say YB scores a goal, the speaker will immediatly afterwards piss you off by saying: ‘this goal was brought to you by … [place name of some taxicab company here]’ followed by an endless speech about the merits of this particular taxi.
when they announce the results from the other grounds, that’s brought to ‘you’ by some flicking mover’s company.
i mean if the sponsoring would at least be logical…
or do they mean to imply, that if i move to a different city i would not be a YB supporter anymore? well, think again …
and even our cherrished YB-viertelstund [the last 15 minutes of each game, when YB traditionally plays very well] is now sponsored by some bloody sponsor; i thankfully forgot whi it is. so see! it does not even work !!!

i am worried. i mean what’s next ?
‘this offside is brought to you by … [place name of some optician’s here]’ in refrence to the fact that the ref is obviously shortsighted …
or maybe:
‘diese blutgraetsche wurde ihnen praesentiert von [place name of some butcher here]’
‘this red card [fuck you carlos varella!] was sponsored by … [place name of some company using red in their logo, maybe swiss?]’

and how about sponsoring useful things?
like somebody sponsoring my tickets and my food/beverages/programm etc.
i would be glad to say in a loud and clear voice: ‘this packet of crisps was brought to me by … [place your name here!]’ before digging in.
payment through paypal is possible…

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